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Among her most recent credits are:

2017 WMA Poetry Book of the year LADIES, HORSES & COWBOYS
2015 WMA Female Poet of the Year
2013 WMA Female Poet of the Year
2012 WMA Female Poet of the Year
WMA Poetry CD of the Year and WMA Female Poet of the Year
2011 Pioneer Heritage Award, Cowboy Poets of Utah
2010 Hall of Fame, Cowboy Poets of Idaho
#1 CD on WMA "Top 10" Western Playlist, Women of the West

Cowboy Poetry Society

Sam is also the past president of the Cowboy Poets of Utah, the 2006 Buckle winner at the Kanab, Utah Cowboy Poetry Roundup and twice named Female Poet of the Year by the Utah Chapter of the Western Music Association (WMA).

AWA Will Rogers Award

She was named the 13th Lariat Laureate by Cowboy Poetry.com, and listed in top five female poets of the Western Music Association from 2006-2010.

Also - the 2006 winner of the Cowboy Poets of Idaho Silver Quill award and in 2008 was named by the Academy of Western Artists as the Will Rogers recipient for the Humorist of the Year.


A review from American Cowboy Magazine, Feb/Mar Issue, 2011
Sam DeLeeuw-

The rancher's wife is often overlooked in song and story.  Sam DeLeeuw writes what she knows and corrects that deficiency with a collection of poems entitled, "Women of the West."  She has checked birthing cows in the freezing cold, pulled calves from hip-locked mothers, and worked in squeeze chutes and received kicks. DeLeeuw tells these everyday stories with humor and insight that women of the West will appreciate.

--Charley Engel



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